Faux teak

"Faux teak" - synthetic teak hard tread floor panels are made from sheets of thermoplastic sandwich material with the caulking lines cut through the surface layer. We can CAD any paper templates and have them transformed into faux teak decking panels. Panel size is therefore more critical than synthetic teak decking but is a good value option if the panel sizes can be incorporated snugly on a sheet. We find these products also make excellent logo mats. Either send us your template and fit yourself or in popular boating areas let us get an agent to do this for you. We may already have templates of more popular models. Customers for this product are usually owners of fishing or small sports boats wanting an easy to clean, cost effective, non slip surface in their cockpits. The product is a more rugged solution than EVA foam but it is not as soft underfoot. Epoxy “peel and stick” is used to adhere the panels onto the decks