IMO certified carpet tiles

We have a collection of IMO carpet tiles including Westbond FR which is an IMO certified carpet tile range synonymous with quality and offers great warmth, comfort and acoustic benefits. Westbond is well suited to many marine environments including cabins, restaurants, offices and lounge/recreation areas. The colours currently in stock are shown in this collection and have no minimum order quantity.

The rest are subject to minimum order quantities of 250 sq m. Other colours

Westbond also have a range of colours that you can design yourself called Flex. To design it you can custom design it using the Flex design software. It allows you to mix between 2 and 4 weave colours of the 144 available to create your own carpet tile colour specification. 

• Fully compliant with IMO marine standards
• 50cm x 50cm tile format for easy installation and replacement
• Design flexibility to suit all interior design schemes
• Custom colours and designs
• Offers warmth and underfoot comfort


Certification 1

Certification 2